Mapping Civic Education in Europe

Mapping Civic Education in Europe
is the first pan-European attempt at network visualization of civic educators.

The map is updated with 10 more countries from our latest round of mapping in 2023. Survey data from these new countries will soon be available, with a final report to follow

With the support of partners in twenty-one European countries, THE CIVICS team put together a database of almost three thousand actors in non-formal and informal civic education and invited them to fill out two online questionnaires.
While the first questionnaire gave valuable insights into the ecosystem of civic education in each of the twenty-one countries, the second one looked into the national networks and connections among the actors. The data was collected throughout 2021 and 2022.

Additionally, the map demonstrates the projects supported by our Civic Innovation Fund. Apart from the financial assistance, these projects attain the status of NECE Impact Spots multiplying the NECE mission in their respective countries.

The first-of-its-kind pan-European civic education map is an online tool that gives visibility to civic educators and allows users to browse and cluster information about organisations based on their geographical location, topics, approaches, and experience.

The map has the potential to inform and support the work of institutions, international and national civil society organisations, philanthropic initiatives, networks, researchers, and policymakers.


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THE CIVICS Innovation Hub is a pan-European non-profit organisation. Its mission is to strengthen the democratic competence, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe in a bottom-up manner.

THE CIVICS supports both citizens and civic educators to deal with the challenges of our time, such as threats to democracy, causes and effects of climate change, growing polarisation, and social divides. Our goal is to strengthen the democratic competences, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe. Read more about our vision here.